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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Located in the heart of Coolum, our Sunshine Coast child care centre is surrounded by beautiful environments. Our coastal location has given us a strong connection to the environment and helps us to truly understand the value of protecting our earth. At Dragonfly’s, we are committed to remaining as sustainable as possible, and teaching all of our children the importance of leading sustainable lives.

Chemical Free

Many of the chemicals used in everyday cleaning products are highly toxic and can cause serious damage to our environment. At Dragonfly's Early Learning we have made the decision to be as chemical free as possible. We create our own handmade wipes at the centre. Our wipes are made from essential oils that, unlike chemical wipes, don’t cost the earth!

To find out more about our journey, check out our blog on The First Steps Towards a Chemical Free Life.

Garden to Plate

Our Stephanie Alexander Gardening Program promotes garden to plate, fostering positive food habits through fun, hands on learning.

Gardening is a lifelong skill and forms part of a strong foundation for sustainability.

The program provides the opportunity for children to learn about food first-hand.

Children discover where food comes from, taking part in planting seeds and watching them grow. Once the produce is ready to be harvested, the children learn how to put together simple recipes, and their enjoyment and investment in their food is increased because they are able to take part in creating it.

To find out more about the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, check out our blog on Gardening and Child Development.

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning, we are committed to teaching children to respect and protect our environment. Contact us today to learn more about our program.


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