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Numeracy and Number Recognition

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Learning about numbers is a preschooler’s first step toward becoming a budding young mathematician. At preschool, math learning is all about counting, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence. If a child doesn’t ace these seemingly simple skills in a timely manner, don’t fret: even math whizzes need time to blossom. Age appropriate techniques, helping children to master these math milestones will be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Many three-year-olds may be able to identify a 3, but they don’t understand what 3 means. It's important to understand the difference between conceptual learning and skill development. We can help them to count things that are familiar to the child as they play or help with simple chores. Counting socks, toy cars, or other toys will maintain their attention and have more meaning for them.

Play is learning for three and four-year olds. At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we try to encourage their interests and create environments that encourage creativity and exploration.” The idea is to make learning the basics of mathematical thinking fun for preschool children. .

We introduce some of the following concepts to our little Dragonflies, so that they will soon be well on their way to building a solid mathematical foundation!

1. Counting is the ability to recite numbers in order. 2. Number Recognition is the ability to visually recognize and name numbers. 3. One-to-One Correspondence is the matching up of a verbal or written number with an object. When a child has mastered one-to-one correspondence, he can touch objects as he counts them.

Playful, hands-on games are the most effective and fun activities for the way young children learn. Use what is around you to spark their curiosity.

You can count on success when children learn basic math skills through play!

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