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New Government Incentives to help Families

If you have been thinking about childcare for 2022, Here is some information about the latest Government Incentive to make it easier for all families.

If you have been thinking about going back to work, it is now being made much easier for you.

If you have been thinking about the financial aspects of your decision, here is the latest!

Higher CCS for multiple children has been brought forward

The government is making changes to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to those families who

currently pay the most and experience the biggest barriers to work participation

From December 2121, they are removing the annual cap for all families who claim CCS

From March 7th 2022, families with more than 1 child in care will get a higher subsidy

These changes were announced in the 2021-22 budget. The government is implementing the changes earlier than initially announced to provide more support to families sooner

Annual Cap

Families earning more than $190.015 (2021-22 terms) have an annual cap of $10,655per

child per financial year. From December 10 th , 2021, the annual cap is being removed for all families who receive CCS

Families with more than one child in care

From March 7th , 2022, families with children who are 5 years or under in care will get a

higher subsidy for their second child and younger children

Who is Eligible?

Families may be eligible if they:

  • Earn less than $354,305

  • Have more than one child aged 5 or under in child care

Who gets The Higher Subsidy?

Services Australia will calculate which children get the higher subsidy by:

  • Assessing all children in the family unit by identifying the standard rate child and identifying the higher rate children.

  • The standard rate child will get the standard CCS subsidy. Younger children will get a higher subsidy.

  • The standard rate child is the eldest child in the family unit aged 5 or under who is eligible for CCS and attending care

How much do higher rate children get?

  • Eligible higher rate children will receive a 30% higher subsidy up to a maximum of 95%.

  • Children eligible for the higher CCS rate will have the increase automatically included in their CCS percentage reported to service

Please talk to your Centre Director for more information

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