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Near Yaroomba? Looking for a Close Knit Loving Community for your Child?

Just 10 minutes north of Yaroomba, Dragonfly’s Early Learning offers a play

based kindergarten program for children in the heart of Coolum!

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning, we believe in getting back to basics and building a

warm, nurturing space where children feel valued and supported. If you’re near

Yaroomba and looking for a Government Approved Kindergarten program, why not

consider a tour of our centre?

Our centre specialises in providing a fun and nurturing, yet educational environment

to prepare children for the exciting and sometimes anxious transition to school. We

focus on play-based learning which will foster your child’s physical, social,

intellectual, language and emotional abilities. This learning helps build the numeracy

and literacy skills they will need for their years ahead at school.

By participating in a kindergarten program, children discover new learning

experiences and establish relationships that create a strong foundation for

their future education. Our kindergarten program is based on the Early Years

Learning Framework, tailored to extend and enrich children’s learning as well as

build confidence and independence in their developmental path.

In addition to our classroom learning, we offer three spacious, natural outdoor

playgrounds. ‘The Forest’ playground is just one of these beautiful outdoor areas,

filled with trees for your child to explore and learn all about. Our playgrounds are also

areas where kindergarteners will create friendships and learn cooperation

with their peers.

To further grow your child’s outdoor experiences, Dragonfly’s kindy provides the Stephanie Alexander Garden Program. This program allows your child to enjoy a hands-on gardening experience, while learning about nutrition and our ‘garden to

plate’ philosophy.

Our kindergarten program is delivered by our longstanding team of devoted, caring

educators who are passionate about encouraging, extending and enhancing

children’s skills.

If you would like to take the next step in preparing your child for their schooling, join

our close knit, loving community today at Dragonfly’s Early Learning, just minutes

away from Yaroomba!


Call us today to arrange a centre tour or to discuss your needs on (07) 5471 6500.


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