• Iris Windsor

NAIDOC Celebrations

These children are so cute in their traditional dress, I just had to share this. It is never too early to have your children in childcare. What they are able to experience is amazing. Dragonfly's Early Learning has a huge programme for the year, aimed at giving children from all age groups the most amazing rounded cultural and community experiences. This is just one of them.

This week we had a visit from the Goombuckar Tribe representatives to share some of the aboriginal traditions with the children. Even the toddlers were able to join in the experiences They had the opportunity to explore and feel different instruments and pieces of clothing.

The children loved having their faces painted with the ochre and wearing the headpieces. They were all quite in awe of it all.

The children enjoyed becoming part of the tribe for the day, and seeing the artefacts that have been used for thousands of years. It will be some time yet before they understand it all but these experience fuel their curiosity

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