• Iris Windsor

Music Makes the World Go Round

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

There is always something that the children find exciting at Dragonfly's Early Learning our Childcare Centre near Coolum Beach

A recent visit our Childcare Centre from Brett Campbell Music sparked an interest in the art of creating and exploring music.

The children experimented with different materials to see if they could create sounds that were the same or sounds that were different.

In childcare development in the early years, building on their ability to investigate and experiment, is an exercise to be encouraged. The children develop the confidence to explore and learn in their shared play experiences.

There are many benefits to child development by introducing music in the Early Learning years. Incorporating music into routines and play has a positive influence on a child's early development. Music gets then moving, thinking and inspires creativity.

Music is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain. This means that it builds important brain connections which expands child development and the more connection we have, the faster we are able to think.

Most important is that music is fun and if your child is having fun, their brain is open to learning.

To learn more about the child development activities at our childcare centre near Coolum Beach please go to Dragonfly's Early Learning at:



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