• Iris Windsor

Mmmmmm....Watermelon Ice Blocks

The Pre-Kindy Possums at Dragonfly's Early Learning Centre at Coolum Beach were lucky enough to make watermelon ice blocks last week. This food prep experience was provided by Talitha, our student on work placement. The children love a change the from routine that a student provides.

Our Possums chopped their watermelon pieces using a plastic butter knife and placed the pieces in the blender.

They then watched as their watermelon turned into a pretty pink liquid which was then placed in containers and placed in the freezer to set.

Today was a great day to have watermelon ice blocks for afternoon tea.

Children love the feeling of independence and self help that these activities gives them

The concepts of full, empty and half full along with cooking maths concepts of one quarter, half and three quarters all improve their perception

The watermelon ice blocks were delicious!!!! Thanks Miss Talitha!!!

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