• Iris Windsor

Mmmmm .... What do Worms Eat?

The worm farm has been a part of the Dragonfly's Kindergarten Life as long as I can remember. It is forever a topic of interest. Children love worms. They can touch them, look at them with interest and it is very rare to find a child who is frightened of a worm so every child is happy to participate. They can pick them up, observe them very closely and put them back into the farm

Last week, we started a discussion on the foods in our lunchboxes. This then turned to the worm farm and discussions on the worms and what they too, needed to eat to remain healthy.

The kindergarten children have been amazing with adding their food scraps to the worm farm and spent some time checking it out.

We moved the soil around and added some cardboard for the worms to eat.

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