• Iris Windsor

Mmmmm .... This Herb Dough Smells Beautiful!!!

Playdough provides a great sensory medium along with countless hours of fun for young children. Children can squish, squash, pound, and gloop playdough in order to increase their tactile experience.

Playing with playdough develops fine motor skills, enhances hand-eye coordination, supports literacy and numeracy, as well as improving social skills. While poking, rolling, and squishing playdough, children develop the small muscles in their fingers and hands, gaining strength in the small muscles which improves dexterity. This is a critical area of physical development required for writing and drawing.

Adding herbs and flowers like lavender and rosemary to their playdough encourages creativity, develops a sense of smell, and has a calming effect on children.

Here we see that the children have added herbs like oregano or lavender to their playdough to increase their sensory experience

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