• Iris Windsor

Marble Artists at Work

Marble Art can keep children occupied for hours. These little Dragonflies had such fun with their paint covered marbles and look at these for works of art!!!

First step to prepare for marble painting is to put some paint in muffin pan sections or egg carton sections. Placing a sheet of paper in a shallow box or baking dish, set out the marbles using spoons.

Drop your marbles in paint and cover with paint

You can roll the paint covered marbles around the paper as little or as much as you like, depending on how you want your painting to look and how much you are enjoying the process. If desired, you can add additional paint covered marbles and continue working on the artwork.

Now lift your shallow pan and tilt it this way and that so the paint-covered marbles roll around and leave their little painty trails, creating interesting designs on the paper.

Making patterns in this way lends itself to creativity and open expression to create the master piece, colour mixing as they go

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