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Making your own Sanitiser

Sanitiser!! This product or the lack of it has been causing anguish and anger in the shopping aisles, in schools and childcare centres and in our homes.

Making your own sanitiser is very simple.

Today I will share a recipe from Shannon Lush, the Queen of Clean! If you knew how easy it is to make your own from everyday products, you would not be so concerned

How to make hand sanitiser and disinfectants has been one of the most searched for topics on Google in the past week.

Shannon Lush says....“It needs to be at least 60 per cent alcohol - but the closer to 90 per cent that you can get it, the better,”

Sanitiser Recipe


1 cup alcohol

2 teasp glycerine

1 teasp tea tree oil or lavender


Mix these 3 ingredients together for a great sanitiser

Pour into a dispenser bottle

Shake well before use

This product is also a great surface disinfectant. Use it to disinfect door knobs, handles, toilet seats,...... anything that needs to be wiped down and disinfected.

Note on the alcohol:

You shouldn't have any trouble finding methylated spirits - you can get it from petrol stations, supermarkets, or hardware stores. It’s readily available, as is isopropyl alcohol, which is available for pharmacies, hardware stores and supermarkets."

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