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Make Someone Happy.....Buy a Homemade Jam

There are lots of people that you could make happy by buying a jar of jam. The children will be happy because they can watch their seeds sprout....they seem to find that incredibly exciting. Grandma or Grandad because their precious little ones were involved in making it.

Who wouldn't love a jar of homemade jam?

Dragonfly's Early Learning supports the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme. All children at every age level benefit from this programme. It is, however, expensive to run. Outside the initial development of the gardens, the children need plants and seedlings at the change of seasons...that is every 4 months.

In order to support the children's gardening programme, we now have homemade jams for sale in which your children participate in the harvesting and preparation of the jams. The money raised from the sale of these jams is used to buy more seeds, plants, seedlings where necessary and soils and potting mixes.

You will find the jams displayed in the front entry. Just see Chantelle and she would be happy to help you.

The benefits of gardening are endless. Children learn about foods that are perhaps not used often at home. They are encouraged to participate in "trying" particular foods that they have grown and harvested from the gardens and that their peers are eating when they cook with them. It also provides exciting activity outdoors.

Delicious on toast for breakfast!

Wow!!!! get a look at these labels....you wont find these in any supermarket anywhere!!!!

As you can see, the children sometimes like to participate in preparing the jams for sale by making their own labels.

It truly is a labour of love for them....they love to participate.

Ask your children about the gardening....they will tell you what they have been doing with great enthusiasm. They love it!!!

Please take a moment to buy a jar of jam to support their love of learning so that they can continue to garden.

To learn more about what we do in education at Dragonfly's Early Learning, go to https://www.dragonflys.com.au/contact-us/


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