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Looking for an Early Learning Centre with a Difference?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Little Dragonfly's Gardening - Dragonfly's Pre-school Learning Coolum Beach

The decision to place your child in Early Learning is a big one.

There is lots to be decided The best way to know if a centre is right for you is to go there and take a look. Talk to the staff, watch them engage with the children and ..... just by being there you will start to get a feel for the place.

Experts say that children who are in an early childhood setting that promotes emotional, cognitive and physical well being develop better academic and social skills than those who are in lesser quality care

Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum is a well run accredited centre that has segregated baby, toddler, pre kindy and kindy rooms. A good centre will also offer extended hours to accommodate early drop offs and late pick ups.

To start with, you need to think about the Centre that you are considering

Is it convenient? Is it within easy travelling distance?

Does it have the facilities that you are looking for?

Does it have any activities that offer more than other Centres? (gardening programme, judo, yoga, sport)?

Does it have lovely open spaces for the children to play outdoors?

Do you receive a warm welcome when you walk in?

Do the children seem happy? Are they playing happily with their Kindy Friends?

How do the children interact with their educators?

How do the children interact with each other?

Do they take turns happily and listen in a group?

Ask the educator in your age group, how the children spend their day?

Ask questions about the food that is provided?

How do care givers communicate with the parents?

Next, you need to think about your child's needs

Are they building on their socialisation skills in your current situation?

Do they have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through art and play?

Do you encourage messy play and sensory activities at home using shaving cream and paints?

Does your child have play dough activities at home?

Do you think that there are things that they will learn things on a play based programme that they won't learn at home?

School requires a great deal of structure. What is their current opportunity to learn about structure?

Is there enough opportunity to interact with their peers?

Do you encourage independence at home during daily activities or do they rely on you for most activities?

Give these questions some thought to help you make a decision.

To learn more about Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum or to have your questions answered, please phone us on 07 5478 6500

or contact us via our website on


Teacher happily helping her student - Dragonfly's Pre-school Learning Coolum Beach


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