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Literacy and Numeracy in Childcare

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

The children at Dragonfly’s Early Learning Centre in Coolum have access to spacious indoor and outdoor environments and a range of early learning resources to encourage the development of literacy and numeracy skills.

Picking stones helps to refine fine motor skills while practising counting!

Guiding children to develop foundational literacy and numeracy skills is a key function of early learning. At Dragonfly’s, we believe that learning should be stress free! We weave literacy and numeracy experiences through our curriculum, and children develop their skills while having fun!

From The Very First Day

Children start developing literacy and numeracy skills from their very first day at our centre. Young children begin their learning journey with simple, play experiences. Educators sing songs with the children and speak to them using rich language to encourage the development of vocabulary.

We encourage our toddlers and young children interact with their environment, exploring how things feel and interacting with a wide range of toys and materials. This encourages mathematical concepts as the children begin to learn about shape, size, balance and weight.

Older Children

As the children progress through the rooms, educators weave intentional learning experiences into the program – while maintaining a play-based focus. Older children enjoy more numeracy games, like counting with natural mediums and matching number games.

Children develop their fine motor skills through a range of fun activities, such as gardening, painting and sensory play. Strengthening fine motor skills is very important as children begin to practice writing!

Our Kindergarten children follow a Government Approved Kindergarten Program where the curriculum is designed to prepare children for Prep.

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning Centre in Coolum, we believe in taking the pressure off, and instead guiding children towards developing their numeracy and literacy skills at a natural pace. As children progress through each room, they build on their skills and leave Kindergarten fully prepared to succeed in Prep!


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