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At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we appreciate that hand-eye co-ordination is a complex neurological process that should be encouraged from a very early age. It works in conjunction with both fine motor skills and gross motor skills

The words hand-eye co-ordination describes the ability of the body's visual system to process information received through the eyes and use it to direct the movement of the hands. The brain, eyes and limbs are required to work together to achieve every day, simple daily tasks like writing, drawing, playing with our toys and putting on our clothes.

Hand-eye co-ordination builds as the children grow and are exposed to it more and more.

The beauty of having your child in an early learning environment is that our educators are trained in how to spend time every day working with the children while they work on these skills and to set tasks that build on these skills

Just look at test tiny little people ..... so engrossed in the process! It is almost inconceivable to imagine that they are actually learning as they work their way around their playthings.

So cute!

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