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Let the Planting Begin

The children at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach all participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme

The Educators all believe in the value of the early introduction to gardening and the foods that they eat, through this programme. It is the beginning of introducing healthy food habits to the children. Children are such little creatures of habit and so it is often difficult to introduce foods to them if they haven't had them at home or have not seen or eaten them before. This programme helps to change all that

The introduction to the Vege Patch is a great learning experience for them. The children in this group took particular interest in digging the holes in which to plant their mint and rocket seeds


This type of experience encourages the children to develop a sense of belonging and to broaden their understanding of the world they live in and where their food comes from.

They were encouraged to express ideas, negotiate roles, and collaborate with each other to decide where they wanted the seeds to go in the veggie patch. These are all very valuable learning experiences

Look at how little they are to be learning and experiencing such "grown-up" activities.

Fantastic for building their confidence in doing such an important job!!!

Distributing the seeds

Digging up the vegetable patch

Digging the holes for the seeds

Seeds now come on tapes...so easy for the little ones

Lots of tape to be planted

Patting the earth over the planted seeds. Good job!!!!

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