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Learning Skills for Life

So much fun when the children engaged in a T Ball game this morning!

Learning to share, wait, and take turns are important skills for young children to learn. For children under the age of three, not wanting or being able to share, wait and to wait in turn is a normal part of their development. Young children develop attachments to both people and things which can make it difficult for them to share.

Their possessions are important to them and often they do not feel safe, secure or comfortable when those things that they see as important are being handled by others. This is a very natural phase that children progress through and our Educators take every opportunity to begin the process of guiding our little Dragonflies through this time with their friends.

Playing games with them provides the perfect opportunity to encourage waiting, sharing and taking turns

Here we see that they used witches hats, balls and bats to play T ball with their friends. They showed great control in hand eye co-ordination as they manipulated their bats with skill and precision.

What a fun activity!

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