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Learning about X-Rays in the Veterinary Clinic

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The Veterinary Clinic at Dragonfly's Early Learning Kindergarten Department was created some weeks back. It has been a very busy little clinic with visits from various birds and animals with the little Veterinarians extending upon their knowledge and experiences.

The introduction of the clinic has brought with it, many subjects of interest for play based learning. This week the field of interest was X-Rays

The children were given some old X-Rays from the Wildlife Services which the children found fascinating. This led to creation of their own X-Rays providing lots of interest in bones of the hands and feet

Here we see that our little Dragonflies are busy recreating their own X-Rays.

Play based learning is the foundation of our Early Learning Programme at Dragonfly's Early Learning. Through play, children learn so many valuable skills such as problem solving and creative thinking. Children extend their vocabulary and imagination and learn how to collaborate along with many complementary skills that just happen organically. This type of activity provides an imaginative experience particularly for children who have no pets and have never had the opportunity to visit a Veterinary Surgery.

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