• Iris Windsor

Learning about the Gardens

Early Learning provides the perfect opportunity to develop an interest in things that children may otherwise not be exposed to. Not everyone has a garden or has any interest in a garden

The children at Dragonfly's Early earning are introduced to gardening and from this they learn lots of things.

Here we see these 2 to 3 year olds learning about planting the seeds, watering and what happens as a result of tending their gardens.

They have so much pride in their efforts and cant wait to share it with their families.

We always look for parental involvement because of the joy that it brings to the children. If you have a little spare time, please make contact with your child's Lead Educator to make arrangements to spend even half an hour watering, loosening the soil, fertilising.....there are many things that you could be involved in to bring your little Dragonfly some joy

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