• Iris Windsor

Learning about Shapes

Children at Dragonfly's Early Learning are encouraged to recognise shapes at an early age

Shape activities can help children develop problem-solving skills.

Shape sorting toys are one example. When a child recognizes the characteristics of a square, he can match it with the square hole on the toy.

Shape recognition can also help when putting together puzzles. If a child pays attention to the shapes of the pieces and the shapes of the openings in the puzzle, they can determine the correct spot for each piece.

There are many ways to encourage and help your child to learn about shapes. Because shapes are all around us, it is easy to play ‘Find the Shape’ at home, in the car, in the store and elsewhere.

The children can use their finger to trace and feel the shape. Together, they can count the sides and find an item in your classroom or home to reinforce the shape.

These little Dragonflies are having fun while learning. You will be surprised at how much they learn while having fun!!!!

To learn more about Dragonfly's Early Learning, please go to https://dragonflys.com.au/contact-us/


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