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Learning about Electricity

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Dragonfly's Early Learning our childcare centre near Coolum Beach makes a priority of teaching about the pros and cons on electricity. Learning about electricity in child development in the early years is a great way to encourage an interest in Science as well as a great way to introduce the safety factors required when using electricity.

Because electricity is invisible, it is difficult to give a child the understanding that it even exists, much less that it is dangerous.

Around a quarter of all electrical accidents in the home happen to children under 15 years of age so teaching kids about electrical safety at the earliest opportunity is a priority.

Here are a few basic rules to teach children about how to behave around electricity.

1. Never poke sharp objects into toasters or electrical sockets

2. Never touch electrical appliances without Mum or Dad watching

3. Never climb a fence at an electrical substation to retrieve a ball.

4. Never fly a kite or climb a tree close to overhead wires

5. Never touch electrical appliances or switches with wet hands

Here the children are able to see that for an electrical current to happen, there must be a circuit. They see very clearly with the help of the circuit board, that a circuit is a closed path or loop around which an electrical current flows. It has switches to control the flow.

From this simple circuit they see that by turning the switch on, the electricity flows around the circuit. Similarly, when you turn the switch off, no electricity can flow.

This is very serious stuff and little Dragonflies need to listen intently!!!

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