• Iris Windsor

Learning about Cooking

Everyone will agree that cooking is a life skill that all people should master.

It is never too early to bring preschoolers into the kitchen. To start spending time with children at an early age can provide a start to a lifelong interest and a love of food.

Teaching children how to cook can also help promote social, mental and physical development, along with developing their knowledge of ingredients, methods and recipes.

They made their own recipe cards and explored their ingredients


Each child was given freedom of choice to add their own quantities to experiment in making their own muffin

These little Dragonflies made Carrot Cake Muffins last week.

They loved it...especially when it came to eating their very own muffin!

Ingredients set out

Grating the carrots

Grating, grating, grating

Pouring their own mixture in!

Thanks for your help!!!!

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