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Its a Busy Time for Men at Work

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Creating a mix of free play and structured time helps kids build an array of skills and feel more balanced in their everyday lives.

Kids learning while playing at Dragonfly's Early Learning Centre

There are lots of developmental benefits of free play for children:

1. Helps to build creativity which provides the ability to come up with unique ideas

2. Develops motor planning skills, helping the child to create and carry out ideas, motor actions, and activities.

3. Fosters decision-making skills.  Unstructured play provides many opportunities to make choices while playing alone or while playing in a group.

4. Fosters independence.  Helps children learn to think independently and teaches them how to entertain themselves.

5. Develops social skills and collaborative play skills.  Free play allows children to develop conflict resolution skills and learn to take turns.  It also helps children develop their skills as leaders and as followers.

6. Provides opportunities for children to discover their interests and skill....to work out what they really like to do!

It is important to note that free play does not include time with electronics, such as the television, video games, or computer. 

True free play is child initiated, spontaneous and guided by the child’s imagination without the direction of an adult.


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