• Iris Windsor

Introducing Mac, the Groodle

It isn't always convenient to have a pet living at your Childcare Centre. At dragonfly's Early

Learning we arrange frequent visits with animals to introduce the children to various pets.

Having a pet at the Centre gives children the opportunity to observe, interact and learn about animals. It can be a valuable part of a child's education and care experience, enriching their learning about nature, ecology and relationships

Access to animals in an education and care service can help them learn about the life cycle, relationships and improve communication skills. children learn to interact in relation to others with care,empathy and respect..

Last week at Dragonfly's Early Learning we had a visit from 14 week old "Mac" the Groodle. he had the most amazing time and so did the children. He just loves the children and there was much excitement during his visit

To learn more about Dragonfly's Early Learning, go to https://www.dragonflys.com.au/contact-us/

Telephone 54471 6500

If your children loved Mac, the Groodle, keep in touch with his antics and join him at Mac_the_life on Instagram.


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