• Iris Windsor

Introducing Life Skills

Hammering is such a great activity for children. Using a hammer properly has many benefits and is a skill that they begin to learn using their first little tool sets as toddlers.

This skill develops hand eye co-ordination as well as strengthens their little hands and fingers which is especially important for writing by the time they get to kindy and preschool. It also teaches them important lessons about safety and following rules as well as helping to develop persistence as they begin to master the skill.

During this process, the children learn to be aware of the people around them as well as where they place their hands and what happens if they don't watch those little fingers. This of course always requires active supervision through out the entire process.

You can see from these photos that this requires complete concentration on the part of the child so they have to learn to listen well as well as follow rules, both integral steps in the learning process.

How about this for concentration!!!!

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