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"If it hasn't been in the hand and the body, it can't be in the brain" Bev Bos

“If it hasn’t been in the hand and the body, it can’t be in the brain” These words were spoken by Bev Bos, a teacher, author and advocate of play based learning for preschoolers. She was a lifelong learner who never tired of sharing her discoveries with others. Bos believed that given the proper environment, young children could choose their own learning activities. She believed that the basics for learning were wonder, discovery and experience.

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we advocate child centred and developmentally appropriate play based learning programmes. We try to fill their days with wonder, excitement and experience.

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme fulfils these play based earning goals through the promotion of a hands on approach to nurturing the gardens and young minds. The children learn so much about participation, exploration, developing a sense of self and how to work with others. They love to be outdoors and experience the wonder of growing and nurturing their gardens with their peers

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