• Iris Windsor

How Exciting!! School is so close

The children at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach are getting SO excited.

Their first day at School is now SO close!!!

So many things to know in order to transition from Kinder to School

How many days until Xmas and big school? The children worked it out by using their numeracy skills and pages from a calendar

The children loved working it out. They used their numeracy and literacy skills to work it out

The important dates were marked in as they waited their turn.

The countdown has started

This was a really great exercise for the children. As adults, we take so much for granted. These are things that we all "know"

Through this exercise, the children learnt about the different text types on the pages of the calendar, the days of the week and how many days were in a month. Why do we need a calendar at all?

Numeracy skills such as counting forward and backwards were introduced and practiced

Their sense of belonging and purpose were heightened by actively learning and communicating.

Such a busy day !!

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