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How do you know when your 3-4-year-old is ready for Kindy?

The minds of children are like sponges in the preschool environment. Research has shown that it is becoming increasingly important to start children in early learning in that 3 to 4-year-old age group.

Children develop at very different rates but there are some areas that you can look at to see if your child is ready for group learning. Most children are still working on readiness skills when they start preschool. Being able to follow instructions will help your child be ready for preschool. You can practice preschool readiness skills at home

There is an acronym that indicates preschool readiness. PIECES

P: Potty Trained

Most programs for pre kindy expect children to be out of diapers however help is supported at this level

I: Independent

3-4-year-olds are not expected to do everything their own but just a little independence is key. They need to be able to make choices without constant direction. Being able to feed themselves is also a key indicator

E: Expressive

kids need to be able to express themselves in a way that an adult can understand. They need to be able to get their feelings and needs across

C: Concentration

Most 3-4-year olds can pay attention to a short picture book being read. Activities are typically limited to 10 to 20 minutes in the preschool classroom

E: Emotionally Ready

A child should be able to say "goodbye" to a parent or caregiver without too much anxiety. Crying can occur on the first day or week but if your child cries the entire day, they are not emotionally ready. Kids who are emotionally ready are eager to go to preschool and to make friends

S: Stamina

Children need a lot of physical and mental energy for preschool

one way to know is if your child is ready is to look at their nap schedule. If they are still having a morning and afternoon nap, they may not be ready. to prepare your child, you might like to merge the 2 naps into one longer afternoon nap

Putting these PIECES together makes it easier to know if your child is ready. If they are not all in place, try practising some at home

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(Taken from an article by Amanda Morin, a teacher, and early intervention specialist)


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