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Hot Cross Muffins

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This is a recipe that I have been making every Easter for many years. It is a nice change from the usual Hot Cross Buns and delicious to have on hand in the lead up to Easter

Hot Cross Muffins


135gms dried cranberries

1 cup currants or sultanas

2 tablesp water

1cup white choc bits

2½ cups (375gms) SR flour

½ teasp bicarb soda

1 teasp ground cassia bark, or fragrant sweet spice

½ teasp ground nutmeg

2/3 cup (165) mls sunflower oil

1 cup (250mls) buttermilk

2 eggs

1 dessertspoon vanilla

200gms caster sugar

2 tablesp demerara sugar

80gms icing sugar

1 teasp lemon juice


1. Preheat oven to 200C

2. Prepare 12 hole muffin tray

3. Soak dried fruit in enough water to just cover for 10 mins

4. Drain and pat dry with a paper towel

5. Sift flour, soda and spices into a bowl.

6. Add white choc bits and stir

7. Combine oil, buttermilk, eggs, vanilla and sugar in a jug

8. Whisk well and stand aside

9. Stir fruit into dry ingredients to coat with flour

10. Make a well in the centre

11. Add liquid to centre of bowl of dry ingredients

12. Divide into muffin cases

13. Sprinkle with demerara sugar to give a crispy top

14. Bake for 20 to 25 mins till inserted skewer comes out clean

15. Cool completely

16. Brush the glaze over muffins

17. Combine icing sugar and lemon juice in a bowl

18. Drizzle a cross with icing on each muffin with a spoon or piping bag

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This recipe has been adapted from the Delicious Magazine and the photograph for the muffins is from the Delicious Magazine.


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