• Iris Windsor

Help in the Gardens. A Big Thank You!!!

The children love it when parents become involved in their Kindy.

Tate’s dad is the hero this week. He came to volunteer for an hour to help with the Kindy gardens and get the planting underway. He cleaned all the leaves from our Kindy yard and mulched and aerated our soil. He moved the worm farm to our Kindy yard and planted more seeds with the children. What is there not to love about this.....the children are enjoying it so much!!!!

The research shows that parental involvement in children’s learning is a key factor in improving children’s academic attainment and achievements, as well as their overall behaviour.

The role of parents during a child’s earliest years is the single biggest influence on their development. Good quality early learning contributes more to children’s intellectual and social development than parental occupation, education or income.

A parent’s attitudes, aspirations and behaviour are all important, as is their ability to: •       understand their child’s day-to-day progress •       undertake family learning together •       talk regularly with their child about their learning.

Advantages of family learning Learning as a family can bring significant benefits for adults and the children in their care. It can: •       enhance their ability to support the child’s education •       help create a culture of learning •       help improve their own skills and confidence •       help them to understand how to support the development of the child’s skills.

Remember that this period in their lives is the first time that the children become involved in a community outside their immediate family. Parental behaviour during a child's first 5 years of life is critical for the development of important social and cognitive outcomes in children that set the stage for life-long functioning. It is very important to the child to introduce their Mum or Dad to their Kindy Friends

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