• Iris Windsor

Harmony Day at Dragonfly's Early Learning

This year we saw lots of parental support for Harmony Day. the children are so proud to have their parents involved with their Kindy...its a "big day" for them!

March 21st every year is the day that we, as Australians celebrate cultural diversity, Harmony Day. March 21 is also the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It is an important day because it gives Australians an opportunity to celebrate our successes as a culturally diverse society. Each year, we have a special message to celebrate on this day. The message for harmony day for 2019 is ‘everybody belongs’ and aims to promote respect for cultural and religious diversity throughout Australia.

This year at Dragonfly's, we drew a huge World Map. We then got the parents and their children to recognise their heritage by placing their handprint onto the map indicating the country where their family originated.

Of course the children loved it...... firstly because it was an outdoor art activity and secondly because it involved their "hero".... their Mum or Dad who came along to the Centre. They are so proud and happy when their Family is participating.

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Orange is the representative colour of harmony day and signifies support for cultural diversity on the day. Orange is the official Harmony Day colour and many people wear orange clothes or ribbons.

This year, Dragonfly's Early Learning held its own celebrations for Harmony Day and there were lots of activities based on this years theme of "everybody belongs"


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