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Getting to know you!!

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach we know that from the day that they are born, children differ remarkably in personality styles.

Children usually show one of 3 major temperament styles and each one calls for particular insight and treatment.

Fearful shy babies are very cautious and approach everything with caution including anything new...new food, new caregiver, new situations. Everything is approached with caution and they need time to familiarise routines and are very sensitive to change and the people around them

Fussy babies are irritable and moody. Introducing them to new routines and new people can take time. These babies cry every day when left in the early learning environment and express neediness by crying and reacting in a cranky protest! They are active, feisty, laugh harder, and protest louder.

Easygoing babies, and thank goodness for them, are often in a pleasant happy mood. Rather than avoiding new experiences, an easygoing infant will often welcome new situations, new foods, or a new educator. These babies adapt easily to new routines and changes.

These little guys are so cute and obviously enjoying getting to know each other and adapting to the early learning environment.

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