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Getting to know you

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Dragonfly's Early Learning has new little ones starting regularly as this year comes to a close.

An important part of children starting at a new centre is to be sure that the new children quickly become a part of the group and making sure that they feel comfortable in their new surroundings, so building relationships plays an important role

Our highly experienced Educators know just how to do this.

This past week, to help build relationships, reading stories to the children has played a vital part. They have all really enjoyed lots of time down on the mat getting to know one another. A story helps to transport their little minds way, away into the land of "make-believe" These activities play an important role in their emotional growth.

They love it!!!

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his week we have had a few new children start with us. We’ve enjoyed a lot of sensory

( goop and playdough have been popular).


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