• Iris Windsor

Do you understand the Value of Gardening?

We promote gardening at Coolum's Dragonfly's Early Learning, our childcare centre close to Mt Coolum, Peregian and Yaroomba.

There are many reasons to promote gardening with Children

Can you think of 10 reasons?

1. Encourages healthy eating

2. Engages all of the senses

3. Enhances development of fine motor skills

4. Introduces kids to Scientific concepts

5. Fosters bonding with their peers

6. Teaches responsibility

7. Helps children to learn how to plan and organise

8. Creates environmental stewards

9. Develops maths skills

10. Teaches patience

The BONUS reason is ...They LOVE it!!!

We have beautiful gardens at Dragonfly's Early Learning.

The children love being fully occupied and we all love to see them happy and developing skills to guide them through childhood and into adulthood

To learn more about our gardening programme and to see how it could benefit your child, go to:


OR contact us on 07 5471 6500 to arrange a tour of our Centre or to simply come along to see our gardens.


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