• Iris Windsor

Gardening in the Great Outdoors

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, at Coolum Beach, we take part in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme. All children from all age groups take part in the programme. From this programme, the children learn so much about where their food comes from, how it grows, what it looks like, how to harvest it, how to cook it and much, much, more. They learn the use of sustainable practices to keep their garden healthy.

In December we harvest the last our produce and then from December to the end of February, begin the task of rejuvenating our soil, enriching it to produce healthy crops for the remainder of the year.

We have now started planting the gardens. We have been busy transplanting seedlings and adding new seedlings to our present crops.

We have now planted coriander, pumpkin, sage, tomatoes, turmeric and basil. Now is a waiting game!

It is at this time that the children monitor the growth of their plants with great interest. They can't wait to check their gardens daily to see what has happened , if anything, overnight. They learn much about gardening and what is needed to ensure that their plants are healthy and growing well. This takes them outdoors doing activities in the sunshine which is so good for them!

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