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Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach takes part in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme.This programme is seamlessly incorporated in the government approved early childhood framework and provides many learning activities for the children

There are very few children who do not love to garden. They love the freedom of getting outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.... they love the wonder of watching seedlings sprout and enjoy the immeasurable experience of monitoring the growth and health of their plants. until they are mature enough to be harvested.

Children love creating and to be able to then cook with what they have harvested and then to eat their food creation is the culmination of their garden experience.

Watching their seedlings grow and then eating their produce not only allows them to know where their food comes from, but introduces them to vegetables, fruit and herbs that they might otherwise not come into contact.

The sensory sensations associated with growing herbs and learning how to cook are immeasurable. As we all know...children love water and they love to be able to play with water daily, taking turns to water their plants

The list of learning experiences provided is ongoing

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