• Iris Windsor


At Dragonfly's Early Learning the gardens are an ongoing project. There has not been much happening in the gardens through the heat of Summer and the children have concentrated on mulching and adding nutrients to the soil to facilitate some 'bumper"crops through autumn and winter. They have however with the help of their dedicated Educators, been busy behind the scenes, planting seeds and waiting for them to sprout in time for early autumn plantings

Its beautiful to see the children rush out to see what seeds have sprouted each day and the little ones in this photo have their magnifying glasses out so that they can really observe what progress has been made overnight! There are some that take longer than others! It is all part of the learning.

The beans however, have had a great start and the children have been so eager to have something planted that they can see growing, that the beans have been planted. I never cease to be amazed at how much the children love to be growing something.

It must be quite a topic of conversation in some families as I often hear a parent asking if they worked in the garden today? Just look at the smile on this little guy's face....he looks so proud of his beans!!

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