• Iris Windsor

From Letter P to a World of Adventure!

Child-led learning is a term used to describe education programmes in which children are responsible for deciding what to learn. This enables children to learn through first-hand experiences.

Child-led activities may start out as an adult initiated activity, however by allowing the children space and time, they may extend the resources and ideas given to create their own experiences.

These little dragonflies have done just that. What an adventure!!!

No wonder these little ones can't wait to get to Kindy every day!!.

This particular activity started with the letter P for Pirate

The children have discussed the activity at great length

Box painting is part of the journey. Pirates have a pirate ship which they have built and painted

Pirates have gold as treasure and these pirates are making ready to set sail

First, they need to find out where France is. The children are searching for France on the map of the world

They have concluded that there must be gold at the bottom of the ocean in France

They are ailing off to France in their pirate ship in search of gold

How exciting is this for these little Dragonflies at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach? It is amazing to watch just how their little minds work. Who would ever imagine that the letter P could become such a great world adventure?

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Box painting- making a pirate ship to sail to France to find treasure.

Outdoor photos- tenpin bowling, turn taking, sportsmanship, counting and ordering the pins, aim, gross and fine motor development. 


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