• Iris Windsor

Friendship and Cooperation

Friendship and cooperation are basic life skills. These skills enable us to make friends, work successfully with others, and work successfully in groups.

Children are not born knowing how to cooperate and share. In fact, in early life, the whole world about them is about them.

The ability to cooperate and share is learned through interactions and experiences first of all with parents and then other significant caregivers. Parents are a child's first teachers and modeling cooperative behaviour greatly influences the way a child acts and feels.

Around the age of 3 years, children begin to practice cooperation when they begin to play with others. This is when they learn that they need to share and take turns

This journey takes time. Learning how to cooperate and share is a process. It takes time and interactions with other children to learn that sharing can be fun.

If playing with others is to be pleasurable, sharing and cooperation is very necessary and this is something that can be learned through play. This knowledge builds a foundation for positive character development and provides a common thread that runs through caring, cooperation, generosity, and citizenship

Inspiration for this post was taken from: https//www.primroseschools.com

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