• Iris Windsor

Fostering Curiosity

We are all born with unbridled curiosity.

From the very beginning, a child tries to understand the world around them. We continue this quest right through to adulthood because there is always something new to absorb and learn.

Unfortunately, more and more and earlier and earlier, children are placed in front of a TV or movie screen, have computer games, tablets, and computers placed in their hands. These devices are all thought to dampen curiosity

Our device-laden, entertainment, dependent lifestyle encourages (and allows) us to be intellectually self-sufficient. We have everything we need in the device in our pockets, so why stretch the mind to consider a different way of doing something or be able to develop an opinion through experience.

Developing curiosity helps a child to be willing and able to continually grow, learn and question what is around them. To develop imagination and a sense of creativity that gives them the basic tools they need to be successful adults is very important

In today’s hyper-competitive educational environment, parents tend to focus on the “hard” skills sets in their children’s development: reading, writing, math, science… What is skipped over in this scenario are the “soft” skills like curiosity and creativity that give the academic knowledge of the “hard” skills usefulness in the real world.

A curious child will daydream about being an astronaut, put together their own very unique outfits in the mornings, doodle and draw, and isn’t satisfied with a one-sentence answer to a question that they may ask such as “Why did the dinosaurs die?

Very simply stated: A child who doesn’t develop curiosity is not going to have all of the skillsto be an adult who innovates. This is an important skill today, but in 15 years, when your 3-year-old graduates high school, these skills will be a necessity to have hope for excelling in college and in a career.

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