• Iris Windsor

Many Footprints for Learning!

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we think that footprint painting is a wonderfull tactile and sensory experience to engage in with the children. By touching the paint and feeling how paint feels on their skin and in between their toes, is both tactile and sensory. It is soft and smooth and squishy and cold and "delicious" to feel. The children love these feelings!

At first, they are unsure. It's a bit "scary" because the feelings are unknown to them. Its a bit slippery and squishy between their toes, but with some Educator encouragement, they gained confidence and soon began to verbalise their experience and further develop their language skills.

This experience encourages the children to be creative, and to learn about patterns and sizes. They learn to compare the size of their feet with that of their "Besties" They can be creative and make patterns with their footprints. Words such as wet, squishy, cold, and gooey can help develop language skills and connect them to what they are experiencing.

Such fun!!!

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