• Iris Windsor

Developing Weight and Measurement Concepts

Children begin early learning with an everyday understanding of weight and measurement. Young children apply early concepts of weight and measurement in many of their every day activities

They might compare portions of food, length and size of their toys, their own height compared to that of their friend. In the exploration of ways of comparing, they use non-standard measurement tools like their hands, their fingers, a mark on a post to estimate length and sand or water to estimate capacity or weight.

The challenge for our early learning educators is how to build on children's intuitive early concepts of weight and measurement in both informal and formal ways to broaden these basic concepts. Through this, they also begin to develop the vocabulary of measurement and comparison such as shorter, taller, bigger, smaller, heavier and lighter.

As time passes, they develop new skills and come to realise that objects can be measured in many different ways.

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, the] children explored weight, measurement and mathematical concepts through the exploration of scales and the measuring utensils in a water trough.

This really takes some concentration!!

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