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Enjoying the Seasons!

Learning about the seasons helps children to learn about the passage of time and teaches them about change.

The advent of spring, summer, autumn, and winter each brings with it, its own natural and unique characteristics and is the perfect opportunity to help children to learn about the seasons from their natural environment.

Seasonal changes like changes in the weather can be more subtle in areas like the one in which we live.

Some things are more obvious like in spring which is full of new life, flowers budding, the gardens are beginning to grow and the birds are happy and singing because their little chicks are about to hatch.

The changes that occur in the autumn is obvious when the leaves begin to change colour and the nights begin to get cooler

Then there is summer when it is hot and the swimming pool or under the hose is a great place to play

In the winter, the days are shorter and it feels much cooler. It seems to be darker and in some parts of our country, it snows. In some countries, it snows very heavily and the people live with their homes surrounded by snow for months.

The Possums at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach have been talking about winter. They all relate to winter and in winter it snows. They used cornflour and oil to make their own snow. They were very excited!

The children had a wonderful time. They said "it’s snowing, it’s cold, it’s soft. We want to make a snowball.

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