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Dress Ups

Look at these little Dragonflies. How cute are they? They are as cute as little buttons in their dress up gear!!!

Dress ups inspire role play and dramatic play, helping to build empathy, creativity and imagination – all skills that help with the emotional development and mental reasoning skills in children. It doesn’t have to be something as fancy as a superhero costume to get your child excited about dress ups.  Most children love to don a costume or even just adult items and having a few items available to them is all they need.

Don't worry about the gender of costumes your child chooses for dress ups. Girls like to wear boys clothes and vice versa. Wearing items of clothing of the opposite sex is quite normal and a step in the process of gender self discovery. It is great to have items of clothing traditionally worn by men like police uniforms and hard hats as well as tiaras and tutus. When it comes to dress ups, they will choose what appeals to them for no other reason other that that they would like to wear that... today.

The importance of role playing is one of the key experiences of childhood that helps develop critical skills. Role playing in costume introduces a child to some of the bigger issues of adulthood like right and wrong, power and control and the need for acceptance. Asking a child about how they are feeling in the role that they have assumed by dressing up, can help them discern different feelings and highlight negative and positive responses, fairness and realise empathy

Dress ups encourages new forms of relating to others that will influence and improve their communication skills. When a child assumes the appearance of a fireman they also have to consider how they would behave in the world as a fireman. This kind of role playing spurs communication skills. When a child assumes a new role for the first time they will begin to use language and make actions that you’ve never seen them say or do before.

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