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Dress-up Fun

Updated: Jul 4

Child-led learning is a term used to describe educational activities in which children are responsible for deciding what they want to learn. The children at Dragonfly’s Early Learning at Coolum Beach decided upon a dress up day last week which included face painting.

It was a great day for the children, as they were surrounded by

bright colours and loved being able to play dress-up and have their faces painted.

Face painting can have many learning benefits for children.

Children can learn colour theory and symmetry through face painting, which helps to identify

colours and what colours can be mixed together to make multiple colours.

Colours can evoke various emotions by using colourful paints, stickers and glitter.

Children can associate colours with their emotions while wearing face paint. It also helps those little imaginations run riot!

Face painting stimulates both creativity and imagination, it allows children to become

their favourite superhero, fairy princess or animal.

Cognitive growth is also supported during the process as neural connections are developed which help prepare the brain to learn.

Face painting also benefits children’s fine motor skills, motor planning and

increases coordination and development of the senses.

If these photographs are to be the judge....they obviously loved it!!!

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