• Iris Windsor

Drawings from Life

From a small scribble to a masterpiece that takes pride of place on the fridge, drawings can enhance your child's motor skills from a very young age.

One of the first things that a child can do is pick up a pencil and start drawing.

I remember a "horror" moment in the life of one of my grandsons at a very young age, when he picked up a black texta and drew over all 3 of the back sections of the family white leather lounge. That was one of those very expensive masterpieces in art work....the whole couch had to be recovered as there was no getting around that one!!!!

Starting them on drawings as early as possible, will help them improve their hand and eye co-ordination while fine tuning their finger muscles.We see drawing as one of the most fundamental skills.

Children cant always express themselves using words and actions so drawing is another important form of communication. You can gain an insight into your child's thoughts and feelings through their drawings. Being able to express what they are feeling boosts a child's emotional intelligence

This week the topic of healthy eating was at the top of the curriculum and the children got to draw from life...some more seriously than others. We can certainly see how Tate is feeling about the lettuce that he has just drawn from life. Some of the things that we see each day are just priceless!!!!

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