• Iris Windsor

Dragonfly's Early Learning's Gubbi Gubbi Enquiry Unit

The Gubbi Gubbi people, also written, Kabi, Kabi incorrectly by Europeans, are an Indigenous Australian People who are native to South Eastern Queensland. These people were the traditional owners of the land on which our kindergarten stands and consisted of several clans or bora inhabiting the South East.

Their interactions with the settlers of this area of the coast, at the time was antagonistic for many years as it was in many other areas settled by Europeans

Throughout this year, our Educators will be allocating time to help the children discover more about the traditional owners of our lands

This week, the children at Dragonfly's Early Learning began by making bush medicine with eucalyptus leaves.

The children used a mortar and pestle to make eucalyptus oil from the local eucalyptus gums.

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