• Iris Windsor

Dragonfly's Early Learning's Archeological Dig

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

An archeologist is a scientist. Children love the idea of being a famous Scientist. The children at Dragonfly's Early Learning recently showed an interest in archeology as a result of a child becoming interested in fossils at home. He brought his thoughts along to Kindy, and, as a result this then developed into an interest for the whole group.

What fun they had, chipping away at a huge block of coloured ice, finding animals, dinosaurs, sticks and leaves. This became a learning experience for the whole group and led to discussions centred around fossils and dinosaurs as they chipped away at the ice. They watched a video clip about fossils, how they are preserved and found, and loved discussing it.

They discussed the tools being used for their dig and the safety issues around tools. The use of the tools was an exercise in motor skill development.

In all this was a great learning experience but the best part was chipping away at the ice to see what surprises it held.

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