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Dragonfly's Early Learning...Our Difference!

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Woman teaching children how to plant | Dragonfly's Early Childhood Education

One of the biggest challenges facing busy working parents today is how to choose a childcare solution that will allow a child to grow with confidence as if in the home environment.

At Dragonfly's Early Learning we understand how important this decision is...that is why we have built a Centre that is warm and loving and based upon a child feeling as if they are at home. This becomes their "other home" This is your child's first experience with socialisation outside the family environment. You want your child to experience the warmth of home while broadening their experiences and learning, in order begin to make them confident with their steps into the school experience.

There are any number of Early Learning Centres that offer the basics in curriculum activities. This is a government requirement and is very strictly controlled. As a fully registered Early Childcare Centre we follow the regulations and guidelines.

Too often in this pressured world, today’s children can miss out on authentic childhood experiences. We believe that children flourish through the simple things, through connection with nature, time to create their own games and nurturing relationships ...this is how children learn best.

Through the provision of child guided, responsive, nature based learning, children grow to become creative and innovative problem solvers, responsible adventurers and playful collaborative thinkers.

Hands on, experiential learning encourages a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Strong relationships promote resilience and openness to new experiences. Your child will experience a strong connection to the outdoors through an interest led, play based, inquiry style, emergent curriculum. We promote deep learning and responsible citizenship, self-regulation and an authentic childhood.

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we offer chef produced meals. These nutritionally balanced food choices are delivered fresh to the centre daily. This is of great benefit to mums and dads...no lunch boxes to prepare...and we find that the introduction of new foods consumed with their peers broadens a child's food experience. The children are able to make their own choices from the nutritionally based offering each meal allowing them to become confident in their food choices

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme is an integral part of the Early Learning Experience at Dragonfly's. This amazing programme is introduced to the children from an early age...even the toddlers have their little hanging gardens to water. The children are able to experience this garden to plate programme from sowing the seeds right through to harvesting and using their produce to prepare meals. Because of this, they are in contact with nature daily, learning where their food comes from and engaging in early cooking experiences.

Dragonfly's Early learning have many long term Educators as well as a qualified Early Learning Teacher who works in the kindergarten class. This means that children can be educated from early as 6 weeks of age and go right through to prep. We empower our Educators by providing them with the environment, resources and support to create the best learning opportunities for the children in our care. We believe in lifelong learning and the opportunity to be educated without interruption in these early years is a definite benefit.

It is not easy to be completely chemical free, but we make every endeavour to create a chemical free environment for our children by making our own products...especially those that come into direct contact with the children.

Dragonfly's Early Learning Centre is a family owned centre with a team of professional educators whose focus is on delivering an environment that places the child in the centre of a family focused, community oriented environment that is conducive to learning and where the children are encouraged, supported and loved.

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