• Iris Windsor

Introducing....Dinosaur World

Dinosaurs were definitely the topic of conversation last week with the Pre kindy Dragonflies from Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach.

The group began by creating a play space for their dinosaurs.

After much discussion as a result of Miss Leanne's open-ended questions, the group decided that the dinosaurs needed a mountain to live in. How else did they live?

The children set about creating a mountain using a box which they covered with paper mache. After painting it green, they all explored the outdoors areas to find a collection of leaves to stick onto the box as mountains have trees and lots of leaves.

The children developed dispositions for learning such as curiosity, confidence, creativity, and commitment.

The children also resourced their own learning through connecting with people, places, technologies and natural and processed materials. This is evident as together, they explored ideas and theories using their imagination and creativity through play.

Felix added to the atmosphere. He wore his dinosaur "glow in the dark" shirt!!!

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